ConCor within, Conquer the world

Our mission as a brand is to empower people to conquer whatever they set their mind to, no matter the challenge. Our slogan “ConCor within, Conquer the world” embodies this mission by reminding people that they have the ability to achieve anything. 

Ireland is a perfect example of a nation who was overcome everything that has been thrown at it. This nation, the culture and the people who inhabit this island help us to shape the visuals of our brand from Celtic designs to ancient sites like Newgrange. 

In a world where fast-fashion has caused untold damage we wanted to make sure they we weren’t adding to this already damaging system. Our clothing is 100% Organic while also being certified by the Fair Wear Foundation, an organisation whose aim is to provide fair working wages, conditions and health to all workers. 



We are Conchúr and Cormac, two cousins from Kildare, Ireland. Sitting in Cormac's back garden during lockdown, we made the decision to take the leap into the outdoor clothing industry.

With Cormac as the savy businessman and Conchúr as the multifaceted artist, we aspire to capture and express the beauty of Ireland through our brand. Our hope is to take over the industry with our premium quality and unique designs.